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  native american paintings, native american art

Native American paintings painted by American Indians are highly popular in the United States and other countries. Many tourists purchase them as a souvenir or a gift for their loved ones. Native American paintings are contemporary and unique. Traditional native paintings were less prominent and were merely used to adorn functional items. The most popular form of ancient Native American painting is Navajo Indian sand painting. The art of Navajo sand painting has been passed on to future generations and was originally a magnificent religious art.

Native American paintings

Native American paintings

Contemporary Navajo artists make commercial versions of the conventional sand paintings. Other modern artists are greatly influenced by Western painting styles to illustrate their art. They portray their perception of worldly things and people using modern technique and vibrant colors. They have combined traditional designs and styles with modern techniques to form excellent masterpieces. Their tribal heritage is reflected in their work of art.

Many non-Native painters paint ordinary pictures and sell them as Native American art. They are usually fake artists who try to make a fast buck by trying to copy work of other artists.

Native American paintings

American Indian paintings have charmed and intrigued people over time and place. From ages, native Americans have been painting their emotions in lines and colors. There were native traditions of tribal paintings , but most of them served decorative purposes for functional items, such as paintings on leather war shirts or tipi covers, or painted petroglyphs on a nearby cliff faces. American Indian artists almost always use their cultures (songs, legends, traditions) and religions as their source of inspiration. In the Southwest region, for centuries, American Indians have decorated walls with petroglyphs, pictographs, pueblo kiva murals梐nd objects - pottery, blankets, baskets.

One exception is Navajo Indian sand painting. It was originally a spectacular religious art. Presently, some Navajo artists make secular versions of traditional sand painting that can be purchased as cultural art. They started painting on flat surfaces, such as paper, only at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the 1960s, a new generation of American Indian artists decided that they could no longer perpetuate a decorative and illustrative style that interpreted life in the 19th century and to which they could no longer relate.

Instead, they needed to express their feelings regarding the traditions that were still alive in their tribes and the new ways of living. Slowly, contemporary Native American artists adapted Western painting styles to depict their own people, experiences, and worldviews. Though the techniques of these paintings are not traditionally Indian, the styles, designs, and subject matter reflect the artists' tribal heritage, and many of them are stunningly beautiful and perceptive

To buy original prints or Native American paintings, buyers can research on the Internet. They can verify the credibility of the art sites and even check for customer feed back. Buyers have the option of going through various details of the painting such as the colors used, the style, and the artist. Many sites provide the names of eminent Native American artists and offer information about various art websites that sell authentic paintings. Buyers from other countries can also purchase their favorite painting through these websites. Many online art suppliers charge separately for handling and shipping while some may offer free services depending on the location and the type of painting.

Some of the well-known Native American artists are Joanne Swanson, L. David Eveningthunder, Dana Tiger, and Urshel Taylor. Jerome Bushyhead was also very famous for contemporary portraits and timeless paintings.

Native American paintings

Native American paintings

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